The integration server and OPC UA converter for the Revolution Pi (RevPi)

erPUB is your OT/IT bridge for machine and process data

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Here you see how the integration server erPUB helps you in production

We developed erPUB, to allow you using data from difference machines and facilities in a unified way.

How erPUB works

How to use erPUB?

erPUB is developed for the Revolution Pi (RevPi) of Kunbus.

Revolution Pi

The Revolution Pi (RevPi) is the industrial Soft-SPS version of the Raspberry Pi allowing you to develop your IIoT project cost-effectively. The RevPi system offers many modules to connect fieldbuses, networks, and sensors.

Revolution Pi DIO

The IO module Revolution Pi DIO connects easily digital inputs and outputs. Those can be retrieved and shown directly in erPUB.

Revolution Pi AIO

Using the analogue connections of the Revolution Pi AIO Module analog signals, outputs and temperature data (RTD) can be published via erPUB.

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Chances and possibilities

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Visualizing in Azure Power BI over OPC UA

Use visualization tools like Power BI in Azure Cloud to quickly process, analyze and show the data from erPUB.

Security by OPC UA

The common OPC Unified Architecture (UA) standard allows a secure and platform-independent solution to transfer data between machines and systems. OPC UA uses a transparent and encrypted transmission in your own company network and cloud systems.

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More opportunities

We are actively working on new options for erPUB. Let us inform you as soon as new solutions, e.g. for fieldbuses like Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus or EtherCat, are available.

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